Lifetime List Part 3

Y'all, writing a 100 item lifetime to do list is kind of hard. But I've made some progress and here is the latest update!

21. Live in a city that is no more than an hour drive from the mountains
22. Create a 5-year plan that is feasible, interesting, and exciting.
23. Go to the World's Longest Yard Sale in Tennesse (that's right, this link is to the AARP magazine. I'm awesome like that.)
24. Win the weekly cartoon-captioning contest in the New Yorker.
25. Go 12 months without losing a cell phone.
26. Donate 10+ inches of hair to Locks of Love
27. See the Taj Majal
28. Collect and record stories about my family from my grandparents
29. Break the habit of picking at the skin around my nails. Youch! It hurts!
30. Bungy jump from the world's tallest bungy jump from Bloukrans bridge in South Africa.

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Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Did I ever tell you my mom was in the final 3 for the weekly New Yorker caption contest?

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