Chicago Update

Chris and I have now lived in Chicago for 1 month!

I wish I took more photos so I could do a fun and picture filled recap. But, I didn't. Oh well, next month!

In the last month in Chicago we have:

- M went to Dallas for 2 days and saw her college lovahs
- M went on a girl's weekend in VEGAS with some of her favorite high school friends.
- M started a photography at the Chicago Photography Center
- M started volunteering at Operation Frontline

- C has traveled for work to Charlotte, North Carolina the last 4 weeks from Monday to Wednesday for a whopping 12,000 frequent flyer miles (did I mention that we "bought" all of our tickets using frequent flyer miles?)

- M and C rang in the new year at a house party
- M and C watched the National Championship game, Oklahoma v Stanford, and Vikings v Saints
- M and C have explored 4 new neighborhoods where they have had:
- INCREDIBLY spicy Thai food (so spicy M couldn't even eat it)
- The most delicious baklava ever
- Have tried at least 3 different restaurants for falafel (C's fav food)
- Eaten lebanese food
- Discovered their new favorite cheap grocery store
- Went to a Serbian music and bookstore
- And done a ton of just walking and wandering

In the next month Chris will be headed to New Orleans to watch the Super Bowl with his college friends (to be honest, I'm REALLY jealous) and I will be going to Arkansas to visit my mom. We're also going to a Robert Earl Keen concert and we got the tickets for a steal at $10 each! I wish I had my sweet cowboy boots for this concert, maybe someone wants to mail them to me? hint... hint...

Without a doubt we'll also be exploring Chicago more and I'm going to try and take more pictures!


4 comments- my fav!:

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

What happened to my amazing PR plan of volunteering at MADD!?!?

Laura said...

I have never been to Chicago but one of my best friends is moving there in a few months and I'm looking forward to visiting. It sounds like there are so many fun things to do.

bananas. said...

well it sounds like ya'll been bizzzzzz-ee! in a good way.

i would love to visit chicago one day. i hear it's a fabulous city.

I'm with Ed said...

Whenever you start talking about ethnic food, I just start missing you so much more! I've had greek food twice in the past week and thought of you.....not that we really have had greek food together, but our love of ethnic was so good and I'm having my lamb shawarma for lunch today!!! yummm

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