About 6 months ago I was waiting in the car for Chris and was randomly looking at the follicles of the stray hairs that had shed on my jacket (why? I have no idea. I'm a girl. We do strange things like look at the roots of our hair. mmkay?) And I got a vicious shock-- a gray root! My first gray hair! However, I was successfully able to dive straight into denial and tell myself that because it wasn't actually growing out of my head it didn't count.

But now, tragedy has struck, I have found grays growing out my head. Yes, my actual head. sob. Chris and I were out to dinner when I spotted them in the bathroom mirror.

I'm not sure how I feel about them. The drama queen in me says,

"gahhhhhh! I'm too young for gray hairs. Woe is me, I am only 25!"

While the much more mature rational side says,

"meh. no biggie. Because of the way I part my hair the grays don't show."
I'm feeling very old.  I never thought the day would come when I had actual gray hairs (oh look, denial again).

I'm not planning on dying it right now for a variety of reasons (mainly because I'm cheap and I wear a stupid hat to school everyday.)

But, every time my mind wanders back to my new grays (which happens often-- I'm vain like that) I have a conflicting battle of two songs-- I Am Beautiful and The Old Grey Mare.
What do you do about grey hairs? Or am I the only one sprouting the vile traitorous follicles?  Lord help us when I start to get wrinkles!

And Christina Aguilera's "I Am Beautiful"

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Kalee said...

No one tells you that you'll get them in your 20's. They should. It's a cruel shock, for sure. I'd prefer to dye mine, but the husband says he actually finds them attractive on me. I thought he was being nice. He was completely serious. Not sure what to think about that.

S@sha said...

Well, I'm 36, which to you probably sounds old but in the greater scheme of things is still pretty young. I come from a long line of women who go grey really early on both sides of my family, so I've been dyeing my hair for years now. I'm definitely a fan of hair dye. Grey hair can be covered up, when you start to get those wrinkles you pretty much are stuck with them. I say fight what you can!

Meri said...

I wouldn't worry about it until you get more than a few! It might just be a pigment-less hair too.
And if you go totally gray by 30, you'd be amongst the fashionably elite (Lady Gaga??) Plus, all of those old hollywood starlets had platinum-grayish hair, you could rock that :)

I'm always happy to meet a fellow Meredith! Thanks for stopping by meri-goes-round!

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