Mer Mer How Does your Garden Grow?

Before we left for the mountains Chris and I planted a small vegetable garden on Saturday. We decided to make a raised bed so that we wouldn't have to till the soil (laziness alert!). Our garden is 8 feet by 4 feet and is made out of cheap ($3.49) wooden landscaping beams that were originally 8 feet long and cut in half to fit in the car!

We think we are going to expand it another 4 feet in length so we can squeeze in a few more plants!

We went a wee bit overboard when buying seeds and planted:

- oregano
- beets
- spinach
- mesclun
- arugula
- kohl rabi (which I've never heard of but asked my Chef about and he said it was the shape and size of a turnip but tastes like a cabbage.)
- basil
- parsley

(These are oregano seeds. Are they not the tiniest seeds you've ever seen?!)

and I am starting these in the kitchen:
- thyme
- rosemary
- bell peppers

We planted seeds and I am a little worried about how they will do. It's a definitely delayed gratification! What if I'm a bad seed momma and my little baby plants die? Or even worse, what if they never ever hatch?

BUT! When I came home today from a grueling 12-hour day at school I found these little sweeties popping their heads out!

That's arugula! The seed packet said that it would take 7 to 14 days for the seeds to emerge. These over achievers have sprouted in only 4 days!

Maybe I'll be a good plant momma after all?

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