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The last month has been insane. I've been incredibly busy and constantly battling a 20+ item to-do list that is constantly weighing on my mind. Our house is a WRECK because we have NO furniture until the end of this month when it arrives from Dallas. I've just been a little (okay, A LOT) overwhelmed.

All of that stress disappeared when Chris and I headed into the woods this weekend for a long hike and a night in a tent.

The woods are my happy place. It's the setting that makes all of my worries, stresses, and insecurities disappear. The air seems to reach me in a different way. The smell of early fall leaves, wet grass, and fresh hay make me simply feel like a pile of happy goo.

After a calf-straining hike the view was stunning.

And on the way home we stopped at this roadside pumpkin patch and picked up a GIANT pumpkin straight from the farmer. We used the Honor System and payed for our pumpkin by putting money in an old rusty tool box. This stand made me happy for humanity!

And how could I not have a true laugh deep from within me when driving down a tiny state highway and passing by Pokemon Corner?
Or a boyfriend who purposely makes ridiculous faces in pictures?

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S@sha said...

Looks fun and I love your sunglasses! Your new house looks really cute, I'm sure it'll be great once your furniture arrives. So what did you plant in your new garden?

Stephanie said...

My happy place is Neiman Marcus...but who knows, I have never been to Pokemon Corner.

shari @ little blue deer said...

I love Pisgah! We have a home in Waynesville, it is so gorgeous up there, and yes, I love the sweetness of the mountain folk! Cool blog, so happy to find it and happy to be your newest follower!

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