Lexington BBQ

There are many regions across the nation known for the barbecue: Kansas City, Memphis, Texas.

All those places have NOTHING on Lexington, North Carolina!

The prices are cheap...

The BBQ is amazing. So amazing that my mouth is watering just looking at this picture!

I highly recommend a spicy combo of ketchup, Texas Pete, and a dash of smokehouse sauce. Chris doesn't like ketchup and only uses hot sauces. Who doesn't like ketchup? Freaks.

When you're done try to ignore your food baby, order a refill of sweet tea, and bask in the glorious-ness that is Lexington BBQ.

2 comments- my fav!:

KatiePerk said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE. I also love their slaw!! This is one of my favorite places and whenever we are near we detour!

Stephanie said...

Chris doesn't like ketchup??? How can you even date him??? I could totally eat Whataburger ketchup with a spoon. MMMMMMM

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