A long week. A longer month

It's 9:45 at night. I've just spent my second 12 hour day at school. I'm exhausted. I ate a dinner of cottage cheese and deli turkey because I (the chef in training!) was too tired to make anything for dinner.

I'm loving (LOVING!) school but I wish there was just a little more sleep to be had each day!

I cross my heart hope to die that culinary school updates will be arriving asap! Does tomorrow work for you? Because right now all I can think about is a shower and bed!

Anything you want to know?

P.s. I was trying to find a little youtube goodness to keep you all entertained since this post was such lame-sauce when I accidentally came across this topic:

What? Why? Just an entire category of "fat people falling"? Is it just me or is that weird/creepy/a little sadistic?

And why yes, that is a tiny break dancing shoe on a finger. And no, it was boring. No need for linkage.

2 comments- my fav!:

Peachy Keen said...

You're in culinary school?! How did I miss that?!?! It's always been a dream of mine, I can't wait to read your stories! Best of luck!

S@sha said...

Questions? Sure... why culinary school? Is it something you've always wanted to do, or did you develop an interest in food more recently? What do you plan to do with it, chef? Own your own restaurant? Sommelier? How did you choose a school? Hmm, okay, that's all I've got.

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