Indonesian Pork- babi babi babi!

Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims of any country in the world.  However, the island of Bali is mainly populated with Hindus.  While Muslims do not eat pork the Hindu Balinese eat pork but not beef.  By far and away the best meals I have eaten here on Bali have been made of pork (babi).

In Ubud there is a restaurant famous for it's slow roasted whole pig.  This restaurant is complete with long lines and even a visit from Anthony Bordain's No Reservations

Ibu Oka serves up heaping plates of pork with spicy vegetables and steamed rice.  For only 30,000 rupiah it is a steal coming at a little over $3.

Ordering at Ibu Oka 

It was so good we ate here three days in a row for lunch 

Chris and I did indulge in a pricier meal at 85,000 rupiah (about $9) when we wandered past Naughty Nuri's.  Naughty Nuri's has the grill raging in front of the street and we couldn't help ourselves from ordering a plate of pork ribs.  It didn't hurt that it was the Fourth of July and we decided the best way to be patriotic was to order iced tea and some ribs!

 I meant to take a picture of the ribs on the plate but my priorities were ummm.... elsewhere.

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That looks freaking amazing. I'm drooling at my desk over here!

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