Awkward Tours...

Brochures of tours are strew across guest houses, internet cafes, airports, as well as thousands of other locations.  I'm not really a guided tour kind of person.  I get bored and wander away or I'll get strangely enraptured by one tiny thing and not really want to move on from my new found treasure.  Oh, and I'm cheap and tours cost tons of money. TONS. 

But, because I'm cheap, I do like to read the tour brochures and then use the ideas and do the activities on my own.  Not theft my friends, inspiration and creativity.

But then there are some times that I come across something that just doesn't seem completely right...

"The special packages tour will give you can an unportable memory"

The creepiest of the brochures:  a real cremation.  !00% percent satisfaction guaranteed.
"To perform this ceremony will need some requirements i.e. Funds"
umm y'all, don't they need a body too?

 "So easy almost everyone can do it!"
Just so help you if you're one of the few who can't...

"The one and only submarine in South East Asia" which happens to be a cartoon drawing... this sounds safe.

Coming up next: my unportable memories of walking and watching a cremation in a submarine underwater!

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