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Indonesia, while it is an incredibly pain to get to, is amazingly easy to travel in. The people are friendly, many speak English, crime is low; in all, this is one of the easiest, and cheapest, countries I've ever been to.

That said, there have been some moments of confusion. Today at lunch Chris asked for "chuchi" when he really meant "chumi chumi". The waitress looked at him strangely for a few seconds so Chris tried again in English, "do you have squid?". The waitress laughed and said "you just asked for laundry for lunch!"

We were the (good-humored) joke of the restaurant for the rest of the meal. But Chris did get a big bowl of fresh squid curry which was delicious. I took a picture but some how I deleted it off my camera (FAIL)

Indonesia food is simple but delicious.

Nasi Goring  Ikan-- Fried Rice with seafood $3

 Fresh caught tuna with rice and veggies $4.50

 Gado Gado-- Stir fried veggies with tempe and peanut sauce $2

 Pineapple and coconut cake $0.70

Honey lemon ginger green drink.  It was a ridiculously long name but it was delicious and so refreshing after a long hot walk

My notoriously temperamental tummy has been shockingly quiet here despite unsafe drinking water and a barrage of new foods. My goal is to take a cooking class in every country Chris and I visit.  I plan on taking a class in about two weeks in Jogjakarta on Java Island (the same island Jakarta is on).

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