I can see your googlings!

Happy Monday. How are you all doing? Have a case of the Muuuundays?

So. Remember last week when I wrote about my behind and how I don't need any padding for my tushy? Quite a few new visitors were interested in that post. Google searches were turning my little blog in all different corners of the internet. They found me using some pretty AWESOME search terms!

Check out these terms that brought my new "friends" over here to Goodbye Dallas Hello World:

Number 25 KILLS me! HILARIOUS!

I did some poking around the internet. I used the search term from number 7. I looked through 6 pages of search results. Not once did my page come up. Some people are looking for a really long time for some nastiness. blegh!

Creepers! I might think twice about posting about my booty again!

How were you weekends?

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Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

hahahahah that's awesome!

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