Happy Monday to one and all! I know it's Monday and all, but let's at least just pretend Mondays are awesome and fabulous. Ummkay?

So we need to talk. I think I'm going to get rid of facebook. I KNOW, I KNOW! Blasphemy! I've been on facebook since Sophomore year of college. That's 5 years y'all! I've been in relationship with a social media site longer than I've ever been in a relationship with a MAN! Facebook and I have been through a lot of ups and downs over the years: format changes, strange friend requests, and a semi-stalker or two.

But, now facebook and I are having issues. Issues that might just be the end of a beautiful love. Facebook used to be the place where I joked with my friends about our stupid college escapades: posting pictures, leaving inside jokes on each others walls, and generally acting like the 19 year olds we were. But now my grandmother is on facebook (WHOMP WHOMP). My Dad is on facebook. My old bosses are on facebook. My 11 and 14 year old sisters are on facebook. EVERYONE IS ON FACEBOOK!

Where oh where am I suppose to post pictures of parties, ridiculous costumes, and general embarrassing daily acts? Basically, I don't want anyone but my friends knowing the way I really act on the weekend.

It's not as if I'm some sort of baby-sacrificing heathen who shoots heroine at swinger's parties. I'm just a regular 20-something who acts like an ass on a regular occasion.

A week and a half ago I left facebook, we were on a break. Not broken up. On a break. But then it was kind of a pain not being able to see email address, birthdays, and the like. So today facebook and I have reunited on a trial basis. I've brought my profile back but purged some random "friends", removed all photo access, and shut down my wall.

What do y'all do about facebook? Are you friending your grandma's? I need some help here lovlies!

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S@sha said...

I've thought about ditching facebook myself, mainly because I feel its one of the most shallow forms of communication there is. (If you can even call it that). If you click the "like this" button under my update but I haven't talked to you in person in three years are we really friends? Eh. Plus my dad joined fb and you can't refuse a friend request from your dad right? So I understand your privacy issues!

There are all those new-ish features that allow you to put friends in lists and let them see things accordingly, but I've been to lazy and on the fence about fb to test them out.

missris said...

Ugh I hate Facebook...but I can't leave. It really helps me keep track of friends near and far. I figure that whatever I post on Facebook is pretty mild. The stuff from five years ago (with the date stamp to prove it) isn't all that crazy either. If someone doesn't want to hire me because I, a consenting adult of 26 years, am photographed holding a glass of wine at a friend's dinner party, then eff 'em. I don't need that kind of draconian oversight, in a friend, relative, OR future employer.

Emily said...

Yesss, I was just telling my mom this exact same thing. Facebook went downhill the moment they opened it up to high schools (in my Facebook should only be for college students college student mind at the time), but then they went completely open and I'm just over it. While I love my family, my MIL and aunts posting on my status updates just aren't really the facebook scene I'm going for. I absolutely want to quit, but it's such a good way to see what people you don't actually want to talk to in real life are doing.

Melanie and Matt said...

Dear Meredith,

Embrace the power of the limited profile. Mother (and mother-in-law) can see photos that I upload - but not those that people tag of me... because... well... i don't trust my friends to stop and think "might this upset Mrs. Backs?"

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