Revenge of Dr. Flat Butt!

**Update-- due to a large number of creepers coming to my blog from searching all sorts of dirty things I've changed around a few of the words here so maybe I won't get so many google hits about my behind.

I won't lie. I've got a big butt. I'm packing heat. I'm not saying that I'm Kim Kardashian or anything but I've never had any issues in the curves department.

Last weekend while walking around town my sweet and loving boyfriend decided that my personal super power would be my butt. That's right-- he named me the "Big Bo0ty Superhero". I would battle the evil Doctor Flat Butt whose behind was removed in a terrible accident, creating a never ending lust for revenge and the inability to sit comfortably on public transportation. I would battle my nemeses with a quick hip bump and the chant "Big Bo0ty Big Bo0ty- oh yea, Big Bo0ty!".

Embracing the goodness that is my behind I thought this was hilarious. Now if he had named me something like "Captain Muffin Top" I would not have been quite as amused.

Little did I know that Doctor Flat Butt really is out there and trying to zap my power one "Bo0ty Enhancing" pair of panties at a time. If you haven't seen them yet, let me introduce B0oty Pop. These padded panties come with a warning:

With just a little padding you too can go from a boring girl in an argyle sweater to a big b0otied sex siren with hair blowing in the wind.

Would you? Could you? HAVE you?

5 comments- my fav!:

Jess said...

I wouldn't because I'm pretty sorted in that department if I do say so myself lol. Though I'm curious what it would be like to sit down with all that padding...

Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

That ad is ridiculously hilarious. I'm in the same big booty department too though so I can't say I'd ever try these out. Thank god for the warning though because without it I may have thoughtlessly bought them!

I'm with Ed said...

As a lady who also has a large booty, I was cracking up when I saw this commercial! It's hilarious! I guess I've just always wanted my butt to be smaller, so to see people who want to pad their butts, just blows my mind!

chelsea rebecca said...

i saw the commercial for this and i did a double take like woooaaah. is this really happening?? hahah.

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

i saw this in an us weekly this weekend and I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped. REALLY?

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