Oh, herro

It's been a year, huh?

I fell off the map a little. Chris and I broke up and just didn't know how to handle it or address it on the interwebs. So I just stopped. Completely. 

But, it's been a year. And while the pain of heart break is still there, it's not the same as before. I can talk about it. I don't want to talk about it now. But I could, you know, if I wanted to.

What have I been up to? Work. Drinking (life skills people, cut your judging). Obsessively collecting cookbooks.  Hanging out with friends. Getting addicted to games on my iPad. Pinning like crazy but never doing anything with the pins. Dating and the ups and downs that comes with that. 

But today, I caught my oven on fire...

It takes a very special professional chef to make that happen. 

I'm glad to be back. Talk to you all soon.

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Kate said...

Glad you're back! And I understand needing a break. You have to take care of you. Oh, and that oven. Yeah, definitely take care of that!

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