CGB: hilarious y'all!

Have y'all been watching CGB on ABC? Because if you haven't? Watch it.

No, shut up, go set your DVR right this moment.  Because this shit is hilarious. HILARIOUS. And the best part? Even if you don't have TV (like this pretty girl) you can watch it on the interwebz! ABC's website here.

And while I do love me some jokes about Dallas I think the show is great for perfect for everyone whoe loves great outfits, jokes about bitchy women, and Kristen Chenowith.

I'm not really a "laugh out loud at the tv" kind of person.  But GCB makes me snort with laughter.

Seriously. Listen, watch, and laugh... Go take those 45 minute as the best escape of your week.

Trust me, it's way more uplifting than watching intervention.  And this way we can talk about if we hate Carleen or not!

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