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Hello loves!

So, I thought you all might like the scoop about the secret life I've been living since moving back to the US.  (And by secret I mean just not completely and totally exposed on the internet)  I've been working for about a month at an amazing restaurant.

(see that peak up there? that's my new "office")

I'm not sure if work would care if I openly blogged about work but I don't want to risk it, nor do I want to talk to HR about my online ramblings. And honestly I don't want to talk to HR because that seems like a lot of work.  I'm lazy, deal with it. 

So, I'll be keeping the exact location of where I'm living and working a little bit of a secret.  But, to be vague about it, I work in a small resort town in the mountains in the Mid-Atlantic.  While it's small there are luckily lots of cute shops, galeries, and of course internet access to keep me occupied. And the area is AMAZING.  All of these shots were taken to and from my daily drive to work!




At the restaurant I make salads, cold appetizers, and desserts.  It's a great first culinary job because it's hard to really screw up a salad. So far I love working in the kitchen, my coworkers are so much fun, and my boss is great.  I'll sneak some pictures at work soon so you can check out my creations.

All pictures were taken with my new and beloved iPhone via Instagram.  Join in on the fun with me on Instagram! My user name is merh924 or if you don't have an iphone you can check out my daily photos here on the interwebz.

Happy weekend y'all!


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