My life. My fridge.

Last week in the checkout line the cashier said "I was just about to ask if you guys were vegetarians but then I saw this ground turkey go through..."  And she wasn't off base at all, at least 80 percent of our meals are veggies and we have several meals a week that are vegetarian. We also don't eat anything processed or dairy-- C is lactose intolerant (sorry to tell the internet your deep dark secret sweetie!) and I'm basically allergic to processed food.

Back to the veggies and not eating animals-- this isn't because we have any huge views about eating meat, them having faces and feeeeeelings and such, but just because we like veggies.

We're weird. We like vegetables. We liked vegetables as kids. Aren't you glad you don't date us?

We buy the majority of protein and veggies at Sam's Club.  But Sam's is hella far away (25 minutes! Welcome to my first world life. This is one of my biggest complaints. I suck) and we only like to go about every 2 weeks.

So we try to supplement our fresh supplies with items from the local grocery store.  But, Chris and I are also cheap-- we'll shell out all kinds of money for fancy smanshy beer but so help me God if the grocery store is trying to charge $.62/pound for bananas. No questions asked. We're definitely sticking it to the man and driving to another grocery store. SO HA... take that Kroger!  In order to find the best prices on groceries we go to the local ethnic grocery store, the super mercado.  Yes, the music makes you want queso and enchiladas but the produce is cheap and fresh and there are all sorts of crazy items there that you never find in the regular boring white people grocery store.

So, at this point you're thinking "Jayyyyyy-zussssss, what does this have to do with anything? Is she just going to talk about her fridge the whole time?"

Yes, I am going to talk about my fridge the whole time.  But! *jazz hands* I'm also going to show you the inside of my fridge! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Fridge!

Can you spot spot at least 5 different types of fruits and veggies here?

How about now? 

Or now?
However, I do LOOOVE condiments. I believe with my whole being that french fries only exist to be carriers of condiments.
Chris and I are currently in a battle to finish a gigantor tub of spicy brown mustard and are having mustard races.  At the time of this picture (oh, like a month ago. I blog at lightening speed y'all) I was kicking C's behind (see bottle on left) but then Chris came back with skill and determination and won at the last minute.  

Welcome to my life.

Veggies and mustard.

I know you're jealous.

So tell me... what's in your fridge? Do you have as many kinds of meat as I have veggies?

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Kalee said...

I adore you! Really, I do. We should live closer so I would feel like less of a freak. For instance, dinner tonight is roasted chicken with carrots, roasted beets and steamed broccoli. I could eat my weight in fruit and veggies, and come to think of it, lately I probably have! I love every sort of veggie imaginable and when a friend asked how I managed that (because I was sharing that I grew up eating basically iceberg lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and corn and that was it). The truth is, if you don't like them at first, you keep making yourself eat them because they're good for you and eventually you will love them!

Kalee said...

Oh, and yes, ethnic stores really are the best place to find a variety of fruits and veggies cheap! And our local huge one is the only place I have been able to find any decent leeks that weren't all dark green!

missris said...

We still go to the ghetto Hyde Park Produce even though we don't live down there anymore because the produce is So! Cheap! I'm in love with fruits and veggies, especially apples and red bell peppers. If I could, I would subsist on those two things alone.

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