Chris and I went out for a run on Saturday. And because Chris is incredibly fast like a ninja he speed ahead of me.

I was wearing a tennis skirt and an nike tank top. Nothing scandalous-- definitely tighter than shorts and an old sorority t-shirt but it also wasn't American Apparel lyrca hot shorts and a sports bra.

As I was running some shmucks in a car pulled over and made some really skanky comments. They were basically just a-holes who were hassling me.

I can hold my own against a guy in a bar or some general jerk but the two guys in car made me feel completely scared and uncomfortable.

Everything was fine, I know Chris's running route and was able to take a shortcut to meet him only a few blocks away.

Is there some sort of power that guys get from making girls feel uncomfortable? What exactly is the point of what was essentially sexually harassing someone? Did they think I was going to immediately be completely turned on by them? Laugh and get in their car?

I was so freaked out... and then so angry. RAGE RAGE RAGE... I still kind of wish that I would have kicked out a tail light or two.

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Maggie said...

Ugh. That's awful. This stuff makes me rage, too.

Kalee said...

That is freakin' creepy and I would have been pissed and freaked out too. You should have noted their license plate and reported their asses. But honestly I probably would have just run as far from them as possible. Thank God you're okay!

Peachy Keen said...

Things like that can be so upsetting! I don't understand their motivation at all.

S@sha said...

I think the fury comes from the fear. It totally sucks to realize that as a woman something bad could happen to you just because you are smaller and physically weaker than someone else. Glad you're okay.

Kristin said...

I'll never understand why guys behave that way!

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