being sick makes me stupid?

please see this post

"And to add onto my whoa is me tail"


evidently this stomach bug had also reached the part of my brain that knows how to spell!

Thank sentence should be:

"Add to add on to my whoa is me TALE"

Please please please forgive me!

3 comments- my fav!:

chelsea rebecca said...

i love this.. only because i ALWAYS make mistakes in my posts. i rarely ever check over before i post so when i read it later i'm like wow.. that is insanely embarrassing! haha.
glad i'm not the only one!

ibaxter said...

i think you need this shirt for your travels:

haha, love it!! have fun!!

I'm with Ed said...

Haha I always mistype as well, but I think instead of "thank" you meant "that sentence should be" haha I love you even with your typing problems, God knows I have mine!

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