My newest caffinated obsession

Last week I tried something new that might change my life FOREVER.


(Maxwell House Instant Lattes)

I signed up to get several free samples from Kraft* and three packages of Maxwell House Vanilla Caramel Latte were included with wheat thins and coupons for Kraft items.

AND OMG ARE THEY GOOD! At only 60 calories each they are the perfect afternoon pick me up. They foam up like a regular latte and are the perfect blend of sweet caramel and coffee.

Seriously, if you like flavored coffee or are a fan of deliciousness rush out and grab a pack of these!

Sadly, I was not paid to endorse this item but I would gladly accept some free yumminess!

The only way you'll regret it is if you get a little addicted like me!

* Have you checked out Hey It's Free yet? There are lots of freebees there-- usually it's something little but it's always fun to get a treat filled package in the mail!

** I'm still in Honduras! This post was scheduled by the magic that is Blogger!

2 comments- my fav!:

Jessica said...

Not a bad substitute for Starbucks - and a heck of a lot cheaper!

(Also, if you're interested, I'm hosting a giveaway for the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack on my blog - stop by!)

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I love Hey it's Free. Best web site everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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