Taking it to the bank

I just got off the phone with Bank of America and I have some decent options for accessing my limited amounts of money while I'm abroad.

The bad ideas:
1. I can use any atm in Europe. However, I will have to pay a $5 fee each time I use the atm plus whatever fee that atm charges.

So, pay 5 to 10 dollars each time I use an atm PLUS the currency conversion fee? No thank you!

2. Only make purchases with my credit/debit card. But, on each purchase there will be a 3% fee on each and every purchase.

Add an additional 3 percent onto my budget, I definitely can't handle this option either.

3. James Bond style I handcuff a metal suitcase onto my wrist and keep all of my money for 4 months traveling on my body at all time in order to avoid crazy bank fees.

This definitely sounds like the best idea. Dangerous, heavy, and easy to rob? I love it!

The decent ideas:
1. Transfer the money to a european bank where I can access my money in Euros from multiple bank locations.

The problem with this idea is that I would have to transfer the money from my current account here and I could lose money on the bank transfer fee.
The best option (I think, I hope):
1. Bank of America has association with banks in France, England, Germany, and Italy where I can make withdrawals without any penalties.

The only problem is that I'm going to Spain where BOA doesn't have any banks where I can make withdrawals without penalties.

But maybe I can take enough cash or travelers checks to Spain? Spain is at the end of itinerary so I have time to figure it all out.

Right now I'm just trying to save save save in these last 2 weeks before I leave. I'm babysitting several times a week; making meals at home out of all of the random supplies in the pantry and the freezer; and selling some old clothes, books, and dvds.

It's 2 very busy weeks until I leave!


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LBBrady said...

i ended up doing the ATM withdrawal thing myself...for some reason Wachovia only charged me $2 each time so it wasn't that bad. just at bear carrying around large amounts of cash all the time. you'll get creative with hiding it!

Jamie Dimmitt said...

Well at least you have some good options and I am sure as the time gets closer you will figure it all out. It does tend to get chaotic and overwhelming right before a big trip. I am sure this more so than others. The girls have been asking about you every day and wondering if you have left. I have told them not yet but getting close to it.
Can't wait to read the updates while you are gone!!

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