Some goals for my trip:

1. Journaling: I'm terrible at keeping a consistent journal. I have approximately 15 journals from different periods in my life that have 2 to 3 entries and then I never wrote another word. I'm sure somewhere there is a rocking Lisa Frank hologram journal from 1994 detailing my love for Tommy McDowell (he was really cute with that blond bowl cut, a stud, truly). 

So, the goal: write in my journal AT LEAST every other day. 

2. Don't spend all my money. 
Being broke=not fun 
Eating ramen (or equally cheap meal) everyone once and a while=fun, delicious, and sodium filled!

goal: while I have a set daily budget. try to spend less on a regular basis so that if something special, and more expensive arises I will have some extra spending.

3. Call my mom once a week (Hi Mom!). You know, make sure she knows I'm not dead, or kidnapped, or anything bad-- MOM, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN. DON'T WORRY. I'LL BE FINE. 

goal: keep in touch with family and friends while I am gone through blogging, email, and rare phone calls

4. Try to learn as much language as I can along the way. I'm going to create some cheat sheets of commonly used phrases and their pronunciations for all of the countries where I am going. Be honest, how many people do you know who can say "Where are the restrooms?" in 9 languages?  

goal: don't look like an idiot while doing the "pee pee dance"

so, guess what....

ahhhh!!! 15! 

I've been procrastinating and still haven't done a dry run of my packing yet. But I swear! Tomorrow! Will post! Trust me!


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Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I need pictures of your whole life fitting in one backpack. I will only believe it once I see proof!

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