A little dull

My life has been a little boring lately. It seems like I have nothing to talk about. I consider calling friends and family to chat but then I think that don't really have anything to say and so I just don't call. 

I do fun things. A trip to the river yesterday. I went to the lake 3 weeks ago. But, that takes two sentences to tell. I don't have drama going on right now. I don't spend money on shopping or home decor (I already have way too much stuff). I don't really cook at home because I'm constantly at work.

Is this what getting older and more settled is like? A fun and wonderful life but just less drama?  For the amount of drama I went through last year I am really relieved to not have hours of drama to talk through. 

I'll try and stir some things up to find some writing inspiration because I really do want random people on the internet to think that I am witty and clever....

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