Your daily dose of cute

Y'all. I love me some cute.  And I mean for real. I LOVE CUTE.

If there is a baby animal in my immediate 4-8 foot vicinity I am going to make a bee line for it. (BTW. Bee line? b-line? I've never typed that before.)

I have stopped riding a bike to pet a baby cow.

I failed at catching baby ducklings.

Drooled over baby puppies...

And squealed over adorable little piglets.

And I have to give Chris some credit here for stopping while driving TWICE last week so I could pet baby goats.

Also, just so you know I NEED A BABY GOAT ASAP!!

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Kate said...

You sound like G saying he wants a baby goat. He's a sucker if I tell him we can go someplace to get eggs and they have goats...he'll say let's go, even if it's an hour away!

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