And I'm back....

Oh heyyyyyy. It's been almost a month since I've written a blog post. I'm so sorry if you thought I was in a shark attack while scuba diving, mauled by the Amish, or getting druuuunk on rye whiskey like George Washington. In actuality I was just being lazy (surprise surprise).

But! I'm back! With lots of posts, tons of pictures, and finally with a vlog to answer those questions you asked. You can expect:

- some YouTube linkage with some sahhhweet rapping by yours truly
- stories of failed hikes
- recaps of cooking lessons (with recipes!)
- pictures, pictures, pictures!
- travel sucesses and travel lessons

Okay? Forgive my terrible lack of recent posting? No... Oh.

But for the update about our curent location... Chris and I left Indonesia a month ago and have been traveling through Vietnam. We're now in the North of Vietnam in a gorgeous mountain town called Sapa where we have been enjoying some awesome hiking (another blog post for later that I've already written. Huzzah!). And later this week we're headed to the Phillipeans for some beach time and scuba diving!

(Mt. Fansipan-- Sapa-- North Vietnam)

So, to recap: I'm alive! I'm back with the blogging! Chris has made me listen to David Bowie's "Major Tom" approximately 121 times in the last few months! And I'm looking forward to blogging again!



Today's travel lesson: Don't be lazy... just write the damn blog posts!

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