Turtle and the hare

You all know the story.... A turtle and a hare race... the hare is fast but cocky... the turtle is slow and steady and wins the race.

I don't think the same can be said for slow but steady internet.  No matter what it's still slow.  I'm trying to upload posts and pictures for you all but it's taking forever!  They'll get there eventually!

Sorry it's been so long!

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MOM said...

Hey kids, looks like you guys are having a blast. I finally chased down Joe. He WAS in Amsterdam but he is in Luxembourg now! Whew! Cant keep up. Beau is tackling the Japanese for a drivers license. Sam is recruiting new guys for his fraternity. And Sam and I are playing tennis almost every night. Can/t wait to hear more about Sumatra. It sounds fabulous! Hugs, Mom

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