My first morning in Bali

I landed last night and took a taxi to the closest town from the airport, Kuta.  It's a surfer touristy beach town to the extreme.  Those of you from North Carolina can imagine it like Myrtle Beach but with only more "Wings" shops.
Last night was my first night spent away from home that was not on a plane.  I had a hard time sleeping.  Some sort of combination of jet lag, excitement, a noisy fan, and cats flighting.  So after stuggling to sleep for hours I finally accepted my defeat when I saw that the sun was just about to rise. 

Roosters are crowing
A cat walks along the peak of a tiled roof
The closest cloud are huge and gray-blue-- almost purple but they are slowly, gently, blowing away to reveal distant clouds twinged in pink
There is sky now.  Blue sky.
I am sitting on the ledge of a second story balcony, the only guest wake.  But there are a handful of hostel staff, and a brown tabby kitten, also enjoying the morning.
I can hear a dog's toenails clicking below me; running to some unknown canine adventure.
The hostel staff starts their morning duties: mopping, picking up trash, watering the plants.  But I have seen them all take a few moments to look at the sky.
I can finally see the color in the slowers and the tiled roofs in front of me.
While one minute ago it was night. It is now definitely morning.

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OOoh I am looking forward to reading ALL about your adventures!

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