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Y'all, I love love love to cook. There is no doubt about it, it's possibly my favorite thing to do in the entire world. Yes, it is my favorite thing to do. No, I lied, I like playing with puppies more than cooking. Back to my point... cooking is one of the things I miss the most about traveling. I have of course been making a large number of meals for myself (which, I swear I have pictures galore to share with you when I finally get home and can upload and organize all THREE THOUSAND pictures I've taken) but it's not the same. Yes, making veggies, pasta, samis, etc is delicious and fun but it just doesn't cut it. I want to be in my kitchen in an adorable apron with flour on my face and in my hair, 4 pots going at once on the stove, a sink full of dishes and the most amazing smells drifting through my house. For me, the moment when I put down plates of delicious food that I've made is sheer heaven and it's even better because Chris is a wonderful dinner companion with amazing complements for good homemade food.

So, because I'm a cooking nerd and a foodie, I've been making a list while I travel of all of the meals that I want to make when I move home:

Stewed red cabbage
Shepard's pie
Homemade calzones
Chicken curry pot pie with phyllo crust
Turkish food which I look a lesson for while I was in Istanbul!
All kinds of quiche
Osso Bucco
Warm and tasty soups
Thai food
the list is so much longer but I'll stop now!

Plus all of my regular meals
Roasted chickens
Turkey pot pie with giblet gravy (Chris's favorite!)
Green chili enchiladas
5 pepper 5 alarm Chili
Stuffed peppers

And anything else anyone wants to recommend!!

I don't think that I have talked about this on the blog before but Chris and I are moving to Chicago when I get back for a few months before we leave for our huge 18 month trip around the world. So, imagine Chicago in January, February, and March; now imagine this Texas girl in Chicago in January, February, and March. Besides work I am never going to want to leave the house because it will be so damn cold! Which gives me the perfect reason to start up the ovens! And maybe I'll put these beauties from Anthropology on my Christmas list?

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Chris said...

thanks for visiting my blog, meredith, and for your keen insights about france's lack of a Holocaust memorial...why do you think that is? even the germans have acknowledged their role, why not the french?

come back and visit the blog again sometime!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

MMMM Please come home and try everything out on me. :)

I'm with Ed said...

Those are aprons?! Holy crap! I'd totally wear those out in public with nothing on underneath! Damn

Stewart said...

YUM! You made me hungry! Anytime you want to come to NC and start cooking, I have a guest room that you are welcome to! (Of course you are always welcome anyway, even if you don't cook:)) And I'd love your pot pie recipe sometime. That's something I've never made and really want to try! Love you!

maggie said...

YOU ARE MOVING TO CHICAGO?!? right when i leave of course!.. you are going to have so so so much fun! Will you be there by New Years?? cause i will!

ps. love the blog and miss you lots. ...it's two in the morning here in D.C. and i can't sleep and now you are making me dream about the big adventures i should be having!

Melanie and Matt said...

I have a Shepherd Pie recipe for you compliments of Grandpa Nadeau. Miss you - ca you come home now?

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