Oh heyyyy

Oh heyyyyy

I know, it's been like a year, or a few months--whatever, since I posted.  A lot of shit happened...

So where was I last, the Philippines? So Chris and I traveled through several more countries (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia) and had an amazing time and I took several hundred photos.

But, things were changing, I wanted to get back to real life. I wanted to actually use my culinary schooling.  I truly wanted a job.  I wanted to be a real person with a real job not just some fuck-about who was traveling the world. However, at the same time I felt like this giant loser, since I've started this blog how many changes have you seen me go through? It all includes working as a pre-school teacher, traveling Europe, being depressed and lonely in Chicago, going to culinary school in Charlotte, and traveling through Asia.  I feel like my newsfeed was filling up with friends who were actually doing stuff.  And by stuff I mean getting jobs, having weddings, and popping out babies.  And what did I have to show for the years since graduating from SMU? A really full passport and a resume filled with college credentials?

Lame sauce. That's it y'all. Lame sauce.

So. Instead of traveling for another year I bit the bullet and took an amazing job opportunity back in the US of A.

So here I am.  Back in 'merica. I'm going back to shopping at Walmart. I'm being told that the food I make at work is "purdy" (direct quote from a co-worker tonight).

So here it is. I'm back. I'm living in the middle of of rural America working at an amazing restaurant.

And you know what? I love it. It may not be international, but it's amazing.

So I'm back. And game on.

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missris said...

Aughhh welcome back! Ok we need to hear all about your travels as well as your exciting new life!

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