Last 2 weeks at Johnson & Wales

This is my second to last week of school.

It's surreal that culinary school is almost over.

I have learned so much and I definitely don't want it to end!

It's been a crazy train of early mornings, massive cups of coffee, oven burns, and long days.  And as cheesy as it sounds I wouldn't give up a single day. I have learned so much and am so glad that I took the unexpected choice of going to Johnson and Wales.

I wish I had a whole entire year of culinary school left in front of me!  But, I know that I will keep on learning each day as a chef. I feel so lucky to have found a career, a trade that I love, have a talent for, and also love to learn about.

There are some things in the works for after my last day of class but I'm keeping them quiet for a little while!

2 comments- my fav!:

Peachy Keen said...

How exciting! I've always wanted to attend culinary school but the time hasn't been right. You must be so proud!

Kristin said...

So exciting! Congrats on the impending graduation doll!

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