My high school friend Maggie has a terrific dog. A dog that I remember vividly from high school. Trooper is amazing. He's this little Jack Russell ball of fire that would play on the trampoline with us, jump straight into Maggie's arms, and just run around like a banshee.

We also almost caught him on fire once, totally by accident let me assure you! Maggie, some guy friends, and I were lighting off spinning fire crackers in her back yard, Maggie had Trooper in her arms, and as soon as Trooper saw that spinning ball of fire he decided that it had to be his. Trooper leaped out of Maggie's arms and dashed straight to the firework trying to catch it for a little game of fetch. Well, as you can imagine we all screamed in terror, Trooper jumped back after burning a little fur, and we all learned an important life lesson about not lighting dogs on fire. Luckily Trooper was completely fine except for a little hair loss.

Almost 10 years latter Trooper still doesn't grow hair on the spot that got toasted which gives him a joker-esk smile.

So, when I saw this video I immediately thought of Trooper.

I might save this video for those days when I need a smile and a little more Jack Russell in my life!

3 comments- my fav!:

Kate said...

Too cute!

I'm with Ed said...

Too cute! If only Knightley could do that..

Maggie said...

AHh this is great!

So far the only "useful" dog trick that trooper has acquired is head butting me repeatedly far too early in the morning until I wake up and let him out

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