your flight is now boarding

I'm now sitting in the Dallas Ft. Worth airport waiting to board my flight. I keep think about how it's not too late to make a run for it and head back to the safety of my deliciously comfortable bed.

This is really the first time that I've been truly apprehensive about my trip. I've been nervous or felt like I should do more research but now that I'm actually here I'm feeling a little more pressure.

Of course I'll go; I wouldn't want everyone to think I was a chicken (obvi I didn't learn the moral from Back to the Future).

And gah! I just remembered I forgot to bring my fleece jacket. Um, Chris, bring it to me in munich? Please?

Okay, so, where was I? I'm not going to bail out of spending 4 months backpacking in Europe. I know it's going to be such an amazing experience and I am going to have a wonderful time. But, I'm still nervous or maybe just ready to start the trip.

So, send me your best wishes! It's really actually time for me to get on the plane.

Bon voyage a moi!

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Courtney said...

Mack asked me today "when does miss meredith come back from other countries?" I told him that you were going away for a few months but unfortunately you were not coming back to school. He started to cry a little and said he doesn't want you to go see the president (???). He then told me that i was wrong and you will be home in a few weeks. I kinda hope he knows something that I don't.... You are the best and I love you!!!! xx

Allison said...

Mer, you are going to do so well in Europe! I am completely confident in your capability of figuring anything and everything out.

Jamie Dimmitt said...

I am glad you didn't chicken out! You would have regreted it trust me. You are going to do well and have an amazing trip. We have been talking about you at the school and what a lucky and amazing experiance this trip is. I am jealous. I can't wait to start reading all your updates.
Oh Hannah and Ella say hi. They said to have lots of fun.

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